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Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Action Aardvark Topsites PHP Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Action 1 - The Instamatics Set in the near future this series is based on the adventures of the Instamatics. They are 3 guys who were once a famous rock band and now work as scientists in a fortified Base surrounded by mountains of waste and a civilisation surviving after the war. 2 - RACIANTAU Join our Two Cuties as they explore Heady Themes: Violence; Impermanence; Isolation; The Future of our Species; and The Void which Consumes All Things. Updating M, W, F! 3 - La Cocina del Viejo Yeyo 4 - Gurral The Smasher Gurral is a massive kaiju who fights as a gladiator for the Arena Lords. Each episode he battles a new monstrosity. 5 - Viking Raptor The ongoing adventures of a pair of badgers in a post apocalyptic junkdump and their clashes with the local capitalist hegemony. Sometimes there is a dinosaur who thinks he is a historically inaccurate ancient Norseman. Hilarity ensues? 6 - Akacya: The Bounty Hunter X21E4 (A.K.A North America) 2155. The technology is now highly advanced on Earth. The population is divided in 3 major groups. The high class, the low class and the Infected. The high class rules and control the lower classes... 7 - FaLLEN FaLLEN is a darker take on what would really happen if magical girls existed. Genre-defining stereotypes are given new twists and not everyone on the same team gets along. This is not the sparkly girl-power mahou shoujo you grew up with! 8 - Shades Of Men Shades of Men follows the story of Lev and Ricky, two long-time hobos living in Paris. As they meet a young boy thrown out on the streets, they decide to help him no matter what. But the quest for survival and redemption won't be easy and trouble from 9 - Iron Crown Diane Wiess thought being a dictatorʼs daughter was a rather cushy position, all things considered. ...until demons threatened the southern border of Chandera, and riots began to consume the rest. Anticipating retaliation against his misdeeds, her f 10 - The MOTHER Principle In a dystopic future, the MOTHER organization has created a group of genetically perfect soldiers, a group of young girls destined to restore the world its former glory. But after escaping from MOTHER's tyranny, the girls find themselves in a desperate st