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Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Fantasy Aardvark Topsites PHP Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Fantasy 1 - Peter Pan A manga adaptation of the classic children's story Peter Pan. Closely following J.M. Barrie's original story, come follow the adventures of Peter and the Darling children in Neverland! 2 - King of the Pill: A glorious upgrade the journey of Jasper and his 'Face of Many Hands'. An epic adventure about transformation, puzzles, and whimsical terror. 3 - What's Shakin' A fantasy comic featuring Coffinshaker, a rare fire mage, who is hunted for his unique "gifts". Can Coffin and his friends save the world from evil, and perhaps, itself? 4 - Filamentry A talented but strict law enforcer has been demoted from his grandiose magic-wielding rank to oversee off-world mining labor divisions, left to bump shoulders with felons as they work to scrape together precious gems for their ailing solar government. 5 - Nikki Sprite Struggling to keep up her grades, high school student Nikki Sprite already has her hands full. Now she's told she has to save another world. There must be some mistake! Rated R. 6 - Manga Elbrasombre Jeanne a young witch chases the vampires of the city of Elbrasombre. To put an end to their actions. Will she finally free the city from these vile creatures? 7 - The Thief of Talamdra Fantasy-Medieval Webcomic. Following the path and many journeys of a (special)thief across Talamdra. 8 - Player's Handbook Fantasy and Nerdery combine in an adventure to find some magic prism dice that unlock the secret of the legendary "Player's Handbook" that controls everything. 9 - Tales of Midgard 10 - Lord of Maelstrom The story of a man who awoke as an immortal one day, driven by a calling to bring order to a world of magic and technology.