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Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Humor Aardvark Topsites PHP Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Humor 1 - Bengal Tales The ongoing story of a male White Bengal Tiger and a female Bengal Cat. Updates every Sunday at midnight Eastern (US) time. 2 - Violent Blue A retrogamer, A comic fan, a punk Grrrl and a mean squirrel deal with life, pop culture, God and each other. 3 - Reality Amuck You shouldn't discuss politics, religion or sex in polite society. Good thing for us no one ever called the Internet "polite". 4 - LIFE Under Construction A comic about building a life, one strip at a time. 5 - Mount Saint Awesome Mount Saint Awesome is about people who still want to be rock stars when they grow up, even though they're already "grownups". 6 - The Jockeys Joey and Jackie Jockey and their cousin Bernie Monster run a radio station. 7 - One Zany World Charlie and his zany adventures living with two aliens that are stranded on Earth. 8 - Tix-Comix Bemused hero Tix confronts the flabby white underbelly of real life with her eclectic friends 9 - Z-Bob The Alien A humor comic telling the story of a young and impressionable alien who wants to explore the galaxy. 10 - Fighting Robotu this is what it would be like if the power rangers had a battle royale