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Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Other Aardvark Topsites PHP Comic Basement - Webcomic Ranking Directory - Other 1 - Parasite Galaxy An anime styled deconstructionist comic about two strange magical girls trying to stop a world destroying cow among other things. 2 - Altar Girl Ashley Altars is a typical student with a major crush on the most popular boy in school. Seth Charming died young in the 1920s... but each of them unwittingly holds one of the two keys to Heaven and Earth! Life is tough for the Altar Girl. 3 - Team Ultra Force A slice-of-life comic that pushes the boundaries of the imagination every once in a while. Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 4 - little britty and the big wheel little britty and his pals take on baink stur and his henchmen 4 panels at a time. little britty likes fun, baink stur just needs the bucks... 5 - Legendary Beings Ara & Celi A magical girl story dealing with angels, devils and a girl's apathetic look on saving the world.