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Username: Amtekoth
Description: Lab Bratz is a science humor webcomic. It's like Dilbert for scientists.
Category: Humor
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2012-10-07 23:48:27
I like the comic. If you feel the punchline is a wrong, you could chngae it to something like, Huh? Or, Burp. Or maybe, Like what? Those would imply the Not really, but it wouldn't really say it out loud. And maybe still be funny.In any case, Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan!

2015-08-17 03:34:35
I have no idea if you'll see this but I still want to voice my story:I'm a 21 year old girl (22 in August) who lives in Ohio. My mom is a truck driver, has been since beofre I was born, and as a result my grandma and (when she was alive) great grandma took care of me when my mom was gone which was always. I didn't have a male figure in my life as my dad was MIA and my grandpa died when I was very young. Incidentally, I had absolutely zero interest in dolls. I loved pink, I wanted to be a cheerleader for as long as I can remember (an unrealized dream) but I scoffed big time at other little girls who were concerned with playing mommy, with Barbie and all her cheap little outfits. I will be frank in this admittance: I hate babies. I hate children. I find pregnancy absolutely disgusting. I have never wanted to be a mother, even when I was little and I thought other girls were downright retarded for wanting that life. I liked animals. I had innumerable animal toys. I wanted to BE an animal (and no, I did not grow up to be a furry or anything of the sort), I remember praying that I be turned into one. Which never happened. So I settled on wanting to be a vet. I played in the dirt. I played with bugs. I was on a basketball team for a short while. I was never obsessed with clothes, jewellery, celebrities, I thought makeup was stupid, I had no interest in playing dress up. But people who stupidly assumed that since I was a girl I wanted dolls bought me plenty but I had absolutely no interest in them. According to my family I always stripped them naked then left them for dead. I was like a rapist whose bad at his job of, y'know actually raping people. And then came Pokemon and Digimon. Which, in case you don't know, are basically still animals. I was obsessed with them both respectively for a really long time up until, I'd say, 5th or 6th grade. Of course then my thing was anime/manga but that is neither here nor there. Now let me tell you that I have extremely awful self confidence. I hate my body. I hate myself. I want to be a flat, boy shaped' skinny girl, not because I see freaking Paris Hilton looking like that and want to be omg famous too!! It's just what I find sexually appealing. I want to be what I find the ideal and that has nothing to do with Barbie, nothing to do with Britney Spears, certainly nothing to do with my mom who looks like a raging dyke half the time. It's just what appeals to ME. I'll also tell you that I am extremely self concious about body hair. To be exact, it freaks me out. I have some Middle Eastern in me so I'm pale white with black hair so obviously it stands out quite jarringly on me. I shave obsessively and am extremely embarrassed by any stray hairs, I get embarrassed seeing OTHER people unshaven. Wanna' know why? It's not because of role models or dolls. Its because of boys. I was shamed by boys when I was too young to comprehend anything other then hey, there's hair down there!' and it was bad. Even when freshly shaved, my underarms show black stubble because my hair is so thick and BLACK that it just wont disappear. I lifted up my arm once and some boy told me with disgust on his face that I need to shave. And I do. I shave basically everything except my eyebrows which I pluck. I hate it but its that or being a gross yeti. Now let me tell you that I love the Monster High dolls. Yes. They came out when I was 19 or 20. I saw one commercial and fell in love with Draculaura because she's me in the shell of my ideal me. She's short, I'm short. She's a vegan, I was a vegetarian for a long time and I plan on going back to that when I have another place of my own. She loves pink, I love pink. She takes old, 18th century styles and updates them in a lot of her outfits, I absolutely love the 18th century and wear a style similar but more baby doll-ish. She enjoy's writing, I love writing. She's sweet and bubbly and perky and friendly all of these things describe me when I'm not shaving or hating myself, haha. I absolutely love Monster High and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I own 13 dolls (most of which, yes, are Draculaura), I have the theme song on my MP3 player for no other reason then its uplifting to listen to, I watch the episodes/specials when I can. They're beautiful dolls that DO promote a good message, one I can easily recognize and perhaps the reason you can't is because you weren't on that end. Of being the monster'. In 7th grade, a boy decided I was a lesbian because I'm so pale and I didn't talk to the boys. To be fair, I didn't talk to the girls either. Meanwhile, they all decided I'm a witch for some unknown reason. Pale, black hair? Yeah. Gotta' be witch. Through it all, I was never mean to other people. Even when I went to a new school for 8th grade, I went into as stupidly bubbly and naive as ever. I made friends, found a place of my own and yet still was mocked by people. This eased over time or I just stopped caring to the point it no longer registered but my point is I've been on the receiving end of people making snap judgements. I know how the monsters feel about their freaky flaws, about how normal humans see them.You're misreading what you're seeing because you're the human. You just can't get it from that view point unless you actually try. Frankie didn't BRIBE anyone for friendship. She knew she'd messed up big time and wanted to make it up to Cleo as best she could. She knew Cleo liked that celebrity and just happened to have connections. It's on par with knowing someone you've wronged really likes Hello Kitty so you buy them a plushie to say sorry. Yeah, Cleo is a queen bee but thats the point, she's a royal mummy. How else do you expect her to act? At first she doesn't seem nice at all but as time goes on her kindness starts showing through a little bit at a time which is suppose to show young viewers that the girl whose mean to you isn't all fire and brimstone. She's just like you and if you try, she'll likely become your friend. Draculaura shows that stereotypes aren't always true. She's a vampire who is, to the contrary, totally opposed to blood! She's the exact opposite that people say her kind usually are. The ramifications that lesson alone can have on children everywhere is staggering. This is something they NEED to learn. So when they see someone pale with black hair they won't think witch!'. Lagoona and her boyfriend Gil are two different kinds of sea monsters whose respective species hate each other. But they're together anyway because love, thats why! They show us that love transcends boundaries and societal norms. If you love someone, you LOVE them and should be with them. This, again, is something that everyone can benefit from and that includes adults. Zombie's are suppose to be dumb, brainless creatures and yet Ghoulia is the smartest girl in school. Again, defying stereotypes. Spectra is a ghost and we all know ghosts are gloomy souls who do nothing but groan and moan . except this isn't the case at all! She's very sweet and bubbly not to mention inquisitive! I could go on but I'll move to my next point: people don't always get along. Sometimes, like Cleo, girls are mean to other girls. But what does Frankie do? She takes it in stride. She doesn't try to get revenge on Cleo, she doesn't attack her back, she doesn't let it get to her all that badly either. She just accepts Cleo's attitude and moves on. Isn't that what you WANT kids to do? More to the point, as time goes on Cleo becomes kind because she learns that friendship is a great thing to have. Gee, that sounds strangely like the point of this campaign. Then there's Abbey, she's from the mountains so she knows little to nothing of big city life. She's lost on social graces and makes plenty of faux paus but no one is mean to her and, instead of just stewing in her negative sally personality, she tries to learn and better herself so she doesn't hurt any more feelings. Again, this is something adults could use to learn let alone children. Then there's Ivy. She's a new character whose doll isn't even out yet but she preaches one of the best messages of all: save the planet! Which is THE greatest kindness anyone can do. You don't think children should be exposed to this series? Seriously? What WILL hurt them are boys. Parents with boys need to remind THEM of reality instead of placing all the blame on girls for their issues. I got absolutely none of my issues from girls or girl toys. My bodies issues are direct results of boys. I'm smart, I've always been more intelligent and mature then my peers. I never dressed in a promiscuous way, no short skirts or tummy showing tops. Looking at me, people think I'm as innocent as can be but thats not the case at all. My point is, keeping what you deem negative influences out of your kids life is not going to make them grow into an adult virgin angel. Brittney, Barbie, Paris, Monster High and whatever else does NOT breed sluts. More often then not, its repression that makes people sex crazed maniacs. To recap:Its boys who cause a lot of girls issues, not girl toysMonster High has plenty of good messages about kindness if you'd actually look without biasA void of slutty women will not make your daughter the Virgin Marry

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