FaLLEN is a darker take on what would really happen if magical girls existed. Genre-defining stereotypes are given new twists and not everyone on the same team gets along. This is not the sparkly girl-power mahou shoujo you grew up with!
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 23
Akacya: The Bounty Hunter
X21E4 (A.K.A North America) 2155. The technology is now highly advanced on Earth. The population is divided in 3 major groups. The high class, the low class and the Infected. The high class rules and control the lower classes...
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 5
The Instamatics
Set in the near future this series is based on the adventures of the Instamatics. They are 3 guys who were once a famous rock band and now work as scientists in a fortified Base surrounded by mountains of waste and a civilisation surviving after the war.
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 0
Slim Piggy
In mid-1980s Chicago, Jason Mason is wrapped up in the underground world of punk. After years of the same thing over and over again, he needs a new way to express his creative energy... in the form of his fictional serial killer, Slim Piggy.
Avg rating: 0/5
Votes this Month: 0
La Cocina del Viejo Yeyo
Por más de doce años el personaje de Yeyo a entretenido a el público hispano de la Florida Central por las ondas radiales y ahora lo hace por medio de los cómics! Yeyo es un personaje ficticio creado por Alberto De Armas inspirado en varias personas reale
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
Isaac's curiosity gets the best of him when he decides to follow a classmate who's not at all what she appears to be. Samantha Rockman is a gate keeper; a person who hunts down everyday objects that have been mutated into monster-like forms by ghosts! Isa
Avg rating: 0/5
Votes this Month: 0
Gurral The Smasher
Gurral is a massive kaiju who fights as a gladiator for the Arena Lords. Each episode he battles a new monstrosity.
Avg rating: 0/5
Votes this Month: 0
The science fiction adventures of Captain Yay Benga, android officer of a futuristic military elite, and her struggle for redemption against a background of a galaxy at war.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Lost Xyla Series– Elusive Target
Taken finds herself chased by Siris Phoed in an alien dimension. When bounty hunters track her down along with Captain Jabrokk the action ensues. Rated General Audience: Action and some violence. Format: PDF
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
Viking Raptor
The ongoing adventures of a pair of badgers in a post apocalyptic junkdump and their clashes with the local capitalist hegemony. Sometimes there is a dinosaur who thinks he is a historically inaccurate ancient Norseman. Hilarity ensues?
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Legends of Lyndal
A Knight of the Order of Zerron is forced to set out on an epic journey to reclaim lost relics of the past in order to ensure peace in the world of Lyndal.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Vatican Assassins
Three best friends fight to protect the Vatican and their lives.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Mindless designs comics
Webcomic network that is all linked to one universe!!!
Avg rating: 0/5
Votes this Month: 0
The MOTHER Principle
In a dystopic future, the MOTHER organization has created a group of genetically perfect soldiers, a group of young girls destined to restore the world its former glory. But after escaping from MOTHER's tyranny, the girls find themselves in a desperate st
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
An epic war in a world filled with dinosaurs. Oh, and did we mention they have guns?
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 0
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