A normal working day turns into an endless nightmare for Gabriele and Arnaldo, hunted down by a zombie horde and a mysterious hooded figure. They will try to survive by taking drastic decisions and working together despite their mutual hatred.
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 0
Teenage Love Zombies
A romantic rock n' roll horror comic!
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
The HORROR of Colony 6
ZOMBIE = CLASSIC = HORROR = SCI-FI = COMIC ----- The story is set In a future where humans have conquered space. With technology and civilization they have brought pollution and corruption to the universe — and on Colony 6 something went wrong.
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
Panda in Zombie World
Panda in Zombie World is a fullpage comic that follows the Zombie’s natural foe, the panda, and her companions as they fight to survive in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
the Kingfisher - a horror webcomic
A horror comic about a cabal of vampires that begins recruiting. Dark humor, blood (of course) and gay themes.
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 0
The Path
Lovecraftian Horror meets Arthurian Legend. Updates M-W-F
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Comic Limbo
There exists three universes, the land of the living, the land of the dead, and limbo where the living and dead exist side by side. And when the person who stole one of the sons of Death for his own goals escapes to limbo with a pair of humans obviously n
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Dark Heritage
Two siblings embark on a horrifying journey to destroy the evil their family has set loose on the world.
Avg rating: 5/5
Votes this Month: 0
Dr. Brillenschnitzel
It is midnight and Dr. Brillenschnitzel is taking a piss in the attic, while outside the apocalyptic party is taking place. As he perceives a strange insect it suddenly transforms into a scary dragon who takes him to his own wondrous funeral... Lately he
Avg rating: 4/5
Votes this Month: 0
Monstrous Pulp
Monstrous Pulp is a place for all the most horrible things inside the twisted, collective psyche of our New God, Pop Culture.
Avg rating: 0/5
Votes this Month: 0
The Graveyard Gang
Follow the adventures of 5 rascals as they annoy the creatures of darkness that plague their 1930s coastal town.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
Rasputin Catamite
A violent story about wasted youth in Siberia. Starring a vampire, a cutter, an ex-Neo-Nazi, a rapist and a nice gay boy.
Avg rating: 3/5
Votes this Month: 0
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